The Lost River Valley—Where Adventure Begins.

Our Story

It’s called the Lost River Valley because the Big Lost River comes tumbling down out of the mountains before it robustly makes its way through the craggy terrain.

Our History

Billions of years ago Idaho lay at the edge of the Pacific Ocean tethered to land mass resting on the North American geologic plate. When the plate began clashing...

What to See & Do:

Visit Key Attractions, Enjoy Outdoor Recreation, Follow the Itineraries, Do the Tours and Attend Events.


Key Attractions

Must see places and landmarks.

Silver Creek Preserve-Discover-Lost-River-Valley-Idaho


See the beauty first hand.

Silver Creek Preserve-Discover-Lost-River-Valley-Idaho

Outdoor Recreation

Immerse yourself in nature.

Silver Creek Preserve-Discover-Lost-River-Valley-Idaho


Buckle up for some fun.

For Your Drive

Everything you need to travel and explore the Lost River Valley.  Directions, Maps, Local Resources, Travel Conditions and more.

For Your Visit

Plan to visit for more than a day!  While you’re here Stay, Dine, Shop and Fuel Up.

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