A celestial sky reserve of international Gold Level acclaim. Craters that looked like they fell off the moon. A rodeo on the Professional circuit. These are but a few of the amazing attractions you’ll find in the Lost River Valley, tucked snuggly under the majestic Lost River Mountain Range looming overhead.

It’s called the Lost River Valley because the Big Lost River comes tumbling down out of the mountains before it robustly makes its way through the craggy terrain. When it reaches the Snake River Plain, the river makes a loop through the marsh and, like Houdini, promptly disappears into the porous basalt left behind by the last volcanic eruption in the region. This is the same eruption that uplifted Mount Borah, Idaho’s highest peak on the bucket list of mountain climbers that sits right up the road from the towns of Mackay and Arco. The two towns lie right next to the Gold Level Dark Skies Reserve. Traveling a bit further on the Peaks to Craters Scenic Byway takes you to Craters of the Moon National Monument. Because the volcanic rock at Craters is so young, domes, cinder cones, shields, lava flows, lava tubes, spatter ramparts, and pressure ridges formed by the molten lava, still cover the earth. As one of the youngest volcanoes in the region, it is expected to erupt again within the next 1,000 years, coming on behind the last geologic event that occurred about 2,100 years ago.

When you visit the Lost River Valley, you’ll discover at least 20 other natural attractions to explore, great hiking, world-class fishing, and exhibits related to the development of atomic energy in America. In winter, you can savor the quiet of the forest cross-country skiing, or the roar of the snow machine, traversing the mountain trails. If you enjoy riding ATV’s, this area is also the ATV Capital of the West. Five trails that pass through the astounding landscape, take you through the region.

Plan to visit for more than a day or two, there’s just too much to enjoy not to. Discover the very unique region we call the Lost River Valley, a place the likes of which you won’t encounter anywhere else in America.